Disabled bunny gets helping hand

Tiny rabbit gets a new set of wheels.


This story is SO cute and SO sad that we can barely write it, but we just have to share the loveliness that is Joe the Easter Bunny.

Joe was found in a back garden along with his brother, after they had both been abandoned by their mummy bunny (we hope it wasn't a Bambi-type scenario).

The kind folks who found him quickly realised that Joe was a paraplegic, meaning he couldn't use his back legs.

Realising this would give Joe problems with getting around, the family decided to design an ATB (All Bunny Terrain) support system, providing Joe with a set of wheels.

A video of Joe has now become a hit on YouTube, although users have been debating the effectiveness of the ATB, which some suggest actually impinges on his mobility.

Luckily Joe and his bro have now been handed into a wildlife rescue centre, where we hope they will live lovely bunny lives forever and ever wipes tears away.