David Cameron pretending to do his weekly ASDA shop has sent the internet into meltdown

"How much is this Hovis thin sliced?"

Cameron copy

If you’ve ever wondered what type of bread the Cameron household uses for its morning croque monsieur, then you have come to the wrong place.

Some new photographs showing our Prime Minister pushing his shopping trolley around a supermarket are not what they first appear to be.

The rather bewildered looking Prime Minister graced the pages of The Sun this weekend in his latest attempt to convince the public to stay in the EU ahead of next month's referendum.

The Sun page

Accompanying images of him eyeing up broccoli, the PM warned that the food, clothing and shoe bill of the average family would rise by £220 if we did decide to leave.

However instead of mass panic unfolding at being told it "would hit [us] in the wallet at checkout", the British public couldn’t help but focus on the mechanical nature of the PM shopping for fish instead.

Hilarity ensued…

Better luck next time eh, Cameron?

Feature image: Adam Bienkov/Twitter