Daughter catches parents swinging online

Girl watches news report about a sex club, catches parents in the background. YIKES.


A 15-year-old girl from Germany received the shock of her life when she discovered a news report featuring her parents in some, er, compromising positions.

The teenager recognised her parents in a video on TV channel RTL's website as they were shown undisguised at a sex club. Oh. my. God.

The girl bravely confronted her parents about the situation (we wouldn't have liked to be in the room to hear that discussion) and the couple have since demanded compensation as the production company had said that they would blur out all the faces in the video. Unfortunately however, a judge has dismissed the lawsuit, stating that the daughter would need to testify for the case to go any further and he doesn't think this is something she should be put through. Damn straight!

He added to the parents: 'I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. That's simply embarrassing.' Too blimmin' right. Embarrassing and SCARRING.

That poor, poor girl. Just imagine. Actually, no, don't. It's probably your worst nightmare.