Dad writes to daughter pretending to be Pikachu, gives us all the feels

He didn't know much about Pokémon.

Pikachu copy

When we were young 'uns, we knew everything about Pokémon in minute detail; the fact ground moves obliterated electricity-type Pokémon, about that specific patch of grass you could catch a Pikachu in, and how to evolve a Machoke into a Machamp.

So when Reddit user screamingfurby shared a letter her Dad sent in the voice of Pikachu, many cold internet hearts melted.

Pikachu letter
Source: screamingfurby

"When I was a kid my dad used to send me letters as Pikachu," screamingfurby explained.

"He didn't know much about Pokémon but he tried."

We hope Brenna was nice to her parents and kept Pikachu's 'Pokémon powers' going.

Feature image: Wikia, screamingfurby