Colouring pencil stocks threatened, adult mindfulness converts blamed

Just think of the children...

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In the last year or so, adults have made colouring books go mainstream. So much so, as it turns out, that their enthusiasm for mindfulness is threatening colouring pencil stocks all over the world.

Faber-Castell, the world's leading art supplies manufacturer, has revealed that it has to run extra shifts at its factories to supply the increased demand.


"We have noticed the effects of the colouring trend very strongly," Carlotta Lein, a spokesman for the Bavaria-based company, said.

"Colouring doesn’t require artistic training to get started yet offers a great sense of accomplishment when finishing a piece," she continued.

Colouring books for adults have sold over 20 million copies world-wide so far and it doesn't looks like the trend of grown-up colouring is going away anytime soon.

We might have to consider slowing down a bit, though. After all, we wouldn't like to see kids without any pencils to colour with now, would we?