Coffee in a cone is the latest Instagram craze, apparently

Why not chai it?

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Throw caution, and your ice cream, into the wind with the latest coffee craze to sweep Instagram.

Coffee in a cone.

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It may not be the most practical, but it's certainly the most photogenic way of drinking your morning pick me up.

But, hold on. Before you go pouring boiling hot liquid into a flimsy wafer funnel, you need to know that you can’t just use any old cones.

Dayne Levinrad, a South African barista and inventor of the #coffeeinacone trend, explained to CNN the lengths he and his team went to in order to prevent seepage. Apparently, they rolled their own cone and then layered on four different types of chocolate combinations.

Apparently, the different percentages in the cocoa help to create a waterproof barrier which you can then pour your brewed beverage into.

But enough of the science stuff, you came here to see some goddamn coffee in a goddamn cone.

Here you go.

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Coffee anyone? Cone on, then.

Feature image credit: @socialdrinkssa, Instagram