China is banning banana videos because 'they got too sexy'

This is truly bananas.

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We all know the struggle of eating a banana in public. No matter how hard we try, there's just no way to nibble on the fruit without being highly suggestive. We blame the society for giving us such dirty, dirty minds.

But as it turns out, some people are not ashamed of eating the phallic fruit in public. In China, for example, seductive banana eating is actually a whole separate vlogging and live-streaming category. And needless to say, the government is not too happy about that.


That's why state-run video hosting services have now been banned from showing 'erotic banana consumption'.

The sites are obliged by law to monitor every uploaded or streamed clip and flag inappropriate behaviour immediately or face being shut down.

Stockings and suspenders also got a red light, by the way. We guess the Chinese government just doesn't want anyone to be sexy online, full stop. Kill joys,

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