Check out this AWESOME London underground game

Get Colin the commuter from A to B through various real-life tube related obstacles. Challenge accepted!

Rushhourapp feature.png

Tube journeys are one of my single most hated things. Having your nose pressed up against someone's armpit, the guerilla warfare that goes on just to secure a seat and all those moments of awkward eye contact.

Sorry sir, I didn't mean to stare at your crotch, my head is wedged in between these two people and I can't look anywhere else OKAY.

Well Antonia Jade Heslop is here to make our journey a whole lot more enjoyable. She's created an 8-bit style video called Rush Hour. This young entrepreneur has been working on it for three years and hopes to bring the game to market next year with backing from Transport for London.

Antonia, anyone who works hard to improve the tiresome existence of a commuter is a friend of ours. We can't wait for this app to be launched.

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The aim of the game is to help Colin the commuter get from his home in Ealing Broadway to his work at Canary Wharf.

Of course, this is no simple feat. There are many perils in Colin's path including an escalator full of people standing on the LEFT side. UGH!

All 13 tube lines and 270 stations all represented. If those annoying signal failures are happening in real life, they are happening in real-time on Rush Hour too, and it's up to you to get around them.

You can choose from 3 game modes: commuter, tourist and Londoner if you just want to explore the underground at your own leisure.

Check out the trailer for Rush Hour here:

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