Cats in bread craze sweeps the web

Known as ‘breading’, putting bread on your cat has become the latest pointless yet genius craze to hit the internet.

Cats in bread craze sweeps the web

As far as amusing names for Facebook groups go, they don’t get much better than ‘Putting bread on your cat, so that people think you have a walking sandwich' .

If you thought the name was good, you just wait until you see the pictures...

As we know, the internet loves cats - whether they’re stroking crying babies to sleep or hanging out in jars , we just can’t get enough.

Combine that with something as ridiculous as putting their faces through a slice of bread and you’ve got a sure-fire viral phenomenon.

Some have suggested the craze is an ironic statement about the strange and fleeting nature of so-called internet memes. We don’t care. LOOK AT ALL THE FUNNY CATS.