Cat wars: Snoopy Vs Lil Bub - who's the cutest?

The internet ain't big enough for the both of them.


In recent times we've had two cool cats come to the forefront of the internet: Snoopy and Lil Bub.

They each have their own websites, book deals, fan-pages, celebrity friends, but we think it's time these cats battle it out once and for all.

Snoopy has the cute and fluffy thing going on, whereas Lil Bub has lovable furry flaws that make her accessible to all.

Well, we just can't decide. Scroll down and let the cat war commence.

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Snoopy is a fabulous cat

Lil Bub hangs out with fabulous people

This is Snoopy's shocked face

This is Lil Bub's shocked face

Snoopy loves vintage jewellery

Lil Bub loves second-hand books

Sometimes Snoopy sticks her tongue out

Lil Bub's tongue is out all the time

Snoopy loves playing hide and seek

So does Lil Bub

Snoopy loves lounging around

Lil Bub prefers an invigorating nap

Snoopy knows when it's time to get serious

So does Lil Bub

Snoopy wouldn't be caught dead in a gym

Lil Bub loves to pump iron

Snoopy is a famous fashion model in China

Lil Bub is launching a music career

Snoopy loves to soak in a bathtub

Lil Bub prefers the ocean

Snoopy is looking for a short-term dating partner

Lil Bub is looking to mate for life

Snoopy dreams about winning an Oscar one day

Lil Bub dreams about having superpowers

Snoopy likes to wear her food

Lil Bub likes to sit in her food

Snoopy gets overwhelmed with sadness when she watches the evening news

Lil Bub can't believe Bieber is still trending on twitter

So, who's it going to be?


or Lil Bub?