Britain isn't the world's greatest tea drinker, it turns out

It's somewhere else.


If someone asked who in this big wide world loves tea the most, your answer would be "Brits, of course", right?

Not quite. Euromonitor International market research by The Economist has found which countries in the world love tea and coffee the most - and Brits, unbelievably, aren't the most ardent tea fans out there.


Uzbekistan loves tea the most - the drink accounts for 99.6% of the country's joint coffee and tea consumption.

Fair play.

And the most coffee-obsessed country? Guatemala.


Unsurprisingly, China is high up on the tea rankings, with tea making up 98.9% of its coffee-or-tea hot drink preference.

And the UK? It's the fifteenth most-avid tea-drinking country at 78.4%. Ireland even beat us, goshdarnit, at 86.5%.

On the coffee side of things, you won't be shocked to hear that the Caribbean as well as Central and South American countries top the list. The Dominican Republic comes in after Guatemala at 99.5%, followed by Brazil (97.4%), Ecuador (97.4%) and Costa Rica (96.9%).


Take a look at the The Economist's full rankings and visuals.

Countries that fell into the 'meh, I'm impartial' category include Poland at a 51.3% coffee preference, Australia (49.7%) and Estonia (51%).

What a rollercoaster of emotions. Who's for a Yorkshire Gold?

Feature image: Cool Brittania