Body-positive underwear campaign for men is everything that we've been waiting for

Aerie, the anti-retouching brand, strikes again.

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Oh, happy day! An underwear brand has created an amazing body-positive campaign featuring male models of all shapes and sizes.

Aerie, the American intimate apparel sub-brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters, gained a lot of publicity last year thanks to introducing a company-wide anti-retouching policy and launching the #AerieReal campaign.

Now, following the body-positivity message, the company has started promoting #AerieMAN - a line new line of underwear and a series of videos showing men everywhere that "The real you is sexy."

"This message is going to help guys feel more comfortable in there own skin," Kelvin Davis, one of the models (pictured in the gif below), told Mic.

"The #AerieMan is unretouched and embraces physical perfect imperfections," he added.

“I don’t mind that I won’t be retouched - I feel that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin,” Matt, another #AerieMen model, states.

"With this campaign, hopefully more men will feel the same way."


The news about the Aerie campaign comes only days after IMG Models, one of the world's biggest modelling agencies, has decided to create a world-first plus-size male division, signing Zach Miko as their first client.

And while we realise that one plus-size male model or one body-positivity campaign does not a revolution make, this is definitely a sign of change in the way we approach body image.

Next step - realising these models are not plus-size, they're normal-size.

Feature image © Aerie / American Eagle