Attention: not paying back your student loan is now a criminal offence

More shitty news for students everywhere.

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Another day, another slap in the face for undergrads and graduates everywhere.

The government has decided that it can now sue students who are not paying back their student loans.

Yes, you read it right. Students will be taken to court over unpaid loans.

The new repayment strategy, focuses on, well, getting as much money out of all of us as possible, stating that graduates who avoid paying back their loan instalments will be treated as criminals.


The “stronger action[s] to trace borrowers and act to recover money owed where it is clear that they are seeking to avoid repayment" will now include:

- “levying of penalties”,
- tracking down students who have moved out of the UK,
- referral to credit reference agencies (way to ruin young people's credit score!),
- ”litigation when appropriate”.

And although the new rules are only aimed at those who can repay the loans but are simply avoiding to do so, this repayment strategy puts the country's poorest students at even further risk.

In the past 12 months, British students had their maintenance grants revoked and those who started degrees after 2012 had their fees retroactively increased.

Funniest thing?

The people who are making all those brilliant decisions were educated by this country’s universities FOR FREE.

Feature image © Matthew Kirby / Konbini