An ice cream that cures hangovers has been invented

It's for medicinal purposes only, mum.

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Everyone knows to eat pasta for a hangover and ice cream for heartbreak.

But now South Korea is turning age-old traditions on their head with the Gyeondyo bar – otherwise known as the “hang in there”.

Now available in a chain of convenience shops across South Korea, the booze-busting bar is apparently able to cure your hangover due to one extra ingredient missing from your average Ben & Jerry’s.

Raisin tree fruit extract.



The extract has been used to treat hangovers in Korea since the 17th century but is now available in a more enticing form.

Apparently, South Korea drinks 12.3 litres of alcohol per year - beating the rest of the Asia-Pacific region by a mile - and the new cure’s name apparently “expresses the hardships of employees who have to suffer a working day after heavy drinking,” a representative for convenience store chain WithMe FS said recently.

What else can we add raisin tree fruit extract to?

Chocolate cake? Biscuits?

Maybe even the alcohol we drink the night before so that we cure our future hangovers as we go along.

The possibilities are endless – we’ll drink to that!

Feature image credit: femme run, Flickr