Ads vs reality - people on the internet share pictures of what products really look like

This is not what we signed up for.

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Adverts lie. We all low-key know that. But sometimes the product deviates so much from our expectations that all we can do is just sigh in disappointment.

That's what these 13 Reddit users did. Behold, a list of prime examples of ad vs reality mess.

  1. 1 This stoner Tweety
    Source: HullCityHateCrew/Reddit
  2. 2 And this fully-loaded berry loaf
    Source: Rustybaker28/Reddit
  3. 3 This mishap that will haunt you in your dreams
    Source: boxidea/Reddit
  4. 4 This Barney caricature
    Source: acent0r/Reddit
  5. 5 This sorry excuse for the Iron Throne
    Source: grapefruitsurprise/Reddit
  6. 6 And this smoked chicken mush
    Source: theimpulsivebuy/Flickr
  7. 7 This cat delicacy
    Source: Pumpernickleme/Reddit
  8. 8 This mint treat
    Source: LadyNarwhal/Reddit
  9. 9 This perfect dress
    Source: BridesBeware/Reddit
  10. 10 And this chocolate disaster
    Source: WeightAndGlory/Reddit
  11. 11 This holiday mix-up
    Source: cyclelicious/Reddit
  12. 12 This panda malformation
    Source: YouCantTakeMySoul/Reddit
  13. 13 This alien surprise
    Source: NomaD5/Reddit
  14. 14 And finally, this Spongebob nightmare
    Source: helliswaiting/Reddit

    Feature image © helliswaiting/Reddit