Adopt an onion!

One woman's mission to get the world mothering a lovely little onion, saving it from the pickle jar.

Adopt an onion

Diane Connor has set up a bizarre money-making scheme, asking people to come forward to adopt an onion to save them from 'death by human consumption.'

The 46-year-old said: '‘I got the idea in the pub. There was a group of us talking about the different things you can adopt for charities. One of the blokes with us said something like, 'You may as well adopt a bleeding pickled onion.' When I got home I started thinking about it and thought it might actually work. I hope to make millions.'

'Are you aware that all over the world countless pickled onions have been incarcerated in jars against their will. Can you imagine the pain and suffering endured by these pickled onions? The only reason that they survive so long is due to the numerous layers of skin they were born with,' the website states. 'Why not put your money to good use and save at least one pickled onion's soul.'

£6.99 enables you to buy an adoption gift package for a friend, including a card, certificate and postcard, FROM THE ONION. Yep, each onion has its own name and life story.

Aw, we can feel ourselves welling up. Oh, wait, no. That'll be the onion we're currently chopping.