A genius made a cheese advent calendar and you can too

Celebrate the birth of Cheesus.

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Now that we're into December, the countdown to Christmas can really begin, and what better way to do so than with an advent calendar.

Normally you'll have to settle for the standard chocolate affair, and while a drop of choc every morning is all well and good, we can't help but feel there's a better way to get through December.

From now on, you'll always remember 2015 as the year that everything changed, because someone has created a cheese advent calendar.

The term 'game-changer' gets bandied about an awful lot, but this goes one step further. This is a game-morpher, a game-destroyer, a game-revolutioniser.

The delightful food blog So Wrong It's Nom took it upon itself to answer a very important question:

There is now! A beautiful, homemade piece of art, masquerading as an advent calendar. Behind every door lies a delicious piece of cheese, perhaps the only thing more effective at raising your spirits than chocolate.

Naturally this is an advent calendar meant for the fridge, but since that's the first place we visit in the morning anyway, it kinda makes sense that we keep it in there.

Source: So Wrong It's Nom
Source: So Wrong It's Nom

If you fancy making your own cheese advent calendar, So Wrong It's Nom have a very detailed breakdown of how they went about making it.

It looks like it'll take some patience, and given that it's already December you'll need to get a move on, but if this isn't a Christmas miracle, we don't know what is.

Learn how to make a cheese advent calendar at So Wrong It's Nom

Source: So Wrong It's Nom

Merry Cheesemas everyone!