5 hidden sexual messages in Disney films

Get ready to have your childhood ruined.


If you're anything like me you probably spent your childhood watching Disney films. It'd be family friendly they said, it'd be good clean fun they said. Well it turns out that the guys over at Disney have been sneaking dirty little Easter Eggs into your favourite childhood memories. The bastards.

Can't think of any at the moment? Well you'll be wondering how you missed them in a minute. Come to think of it you probably didn't notice it because you were an innocent and vulnerable young child. Shame on you Disney. Get ready to be shocked:

1. The excited priest in The Little Mermaid

![enter image description here][1]

Don't see it? Well of course you do now we've zoomed in on it and put a ring around it, but once you watch the video you'll be amazed you hadn't noticed it sooner (that is if you regularly watch The Little Mermaid which I'm of course assuming you do):

? enter link description here

2. A woman who should've closed her curtains in The Rescuers

![enter image description here][3]

A lesser known Disney film called The Rescuers featured actual soft core porn in the guise of an real topless woman. But if you're going to do that and avoid a 15 rating you better make it a very quick glimpse. Even so, the frame was discovered and Disney attempted to orchestrate a massive product replacement scheme. Apparently very few replacements were requested by the public. Read in to that what you will...

? enter link description here

3. Dirty Aladdin

This one from Aladdin can only be seen in the video. Some eagle eared and/or paranoid person has spotted that Aladdin seems to mumble "good teenagers take off your clothes." Something which is awfully irresponsible of him...

? enter link description here

4. The Penis Palace

![enter image description here][6]

One for the eagle eyed this time. Looks like a normal poster featuring no erect penises whatsoever right? Well if you look a bit closer you can see what looks to be just that; an erect penis. If you're struggling to find it in the above picture here's a helpful annotated version:

![enter image description here][7]

We aren't sure why it says glistening either...

5. Sex and Lies in the Lion King

![enter image description here][8]

Now we enter the realms of the altogether more doubtful. Many have pointed out that when Simba lies down he kicks up dust that temporarily says 'SEX'. Judge for yourself. A few people have actually gone through the entirety of The Lion King finding places where it kind of looks like it says 'SEX' and it turns out there might be quite a few. Then again, maybe the word 'SEX' is just everywhere if you look for it hard enough. I've written 'SEX' four times now. 'SEX'.