24 places Jesus recently showed his face

Keep your eyes peeled, who knows where JC will be next.

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A little bit like the sun this spring, Jesus can appear when you least expect it. At the bottom of a frying pan or the arse of a dog - that’s omnipresence.

We have compiled a number of the most surprising and somewhat special sightings of Jesus Christ to bring you joy, faith and a subtle reminder that judgement day will come. Enjoy and Godspeed.

1. Watch what you're eating.

2. Sneaky.

3. Nutty.

4. Even Jesus is saying do the dishes.

5. Hello there.

6. Oh look who it is.

7. Similar but different.

8. Jesus seems to like wheat.

9. And cheesy pizza.

10. Smiley JC.

11. No way.

12. Eh?

13. Only just, Jesus.

14. Drainpipe, really?

15. Mildew, why?

16. Jesus Christ!

17. Holy socks . . .

18. Uncanny.

19. Now Jesus, you're really pushing it.

20. Nice one.

21. Yes I could believe this.

22. The power of Google Earth.

23. This is a stingray btw.

24. Even here in a dogs arse, who would have thought.