22 reasons kids are freakin' weird

Yeah, not going to have kids for awhile...

Weird kids feature

The following images serve as undeniable proof that children are not tiny adults, they are not the future and hope of the next generation - they are just plain weird.

Check out the images below if you don't believe us, and you'll see all the weird stuff they do; like freaking out for no reason, getting stuck in the most bizarre places and and eventually ALWAYS turning against you

Make music not babies is our new motto.

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They have the worst sense of humour

They're obsessed about money when they never have to pay for anything

They always sulk

Sometimes they get violent

Kid logic makes no sense

They're constantly trying to infiltrate the grown-up world

They're always trying to escape

Sometimes they think they're a fish

They have odd ways of showing their affection

They freak out over the dumbest sh*t

They take the most normal activity, like watching TV - and make it weird

I mean - why?

They think toilet paper is edible

And pets are toys

They put themselves in bad situations and blame the grown-ups

How is this a good idea?

Or this?

They do things that scare the crap out of you

And some of them have super-human qualities that are just terrifying

If you leave a kid alone for 1 second, they'll do something stupid like this

They can't talk so they just pull weird faces all the time

And finally, no matter how nice you are - they will always turn against you