22 fictional deaths we will NEVER get over

Come on Dad, we gotta go! Wake up! Dad? :-((((((((


There's nothing better than really connecting with a character and growing to love them, right? So it makes sense that when they die, you are utterly devastated.

Here are 22 that we are still trying to work through....

* (SPOILERS at your own risk!)

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1. Mufasa from the Lion King

"Come on Dad, get up! Dad?" When Mufasa is trampled to death by a heard of buffalo saving his son Simba we cried buckets. A big part of us is still really hoping he will get up. :-((((

2. Dobby from Harry Potter

Dobby could no longer be with his friend Harry Potter when evil Bellatrix Lestrange fatally wounded him with a knife at Shell cottage. The burial scene of Dobby, in which the gang dresss him in socks, shoes and hat, was the saddest thing ever. His epitaph scrawled into the ground by Harry is: "Here lies Dobby, a free elf".

3. Jack Dawson from Titanic

Absolutely heartbreaking. And such an unavoidable tragedy, given that there was CLEARLY enough space for Jack also to fit onto the raft.

4. Littlefoot's mum from The Land Before Time

So, so sad. Those of us who are huge The Land Before Time fans (hi there) know Littlefoot's mum as Mama Longneck. Littlefoot's momma dies in a fight with Sharptooth, protecting Littlefoot and Cera. Parents are the best.

5. Coral from Finding Nemo

Right at the beginning of the film, Coral is eaten by a barracuda, but her one surviving egg is named Nemo, according to her wishes. Sniff.

6. Chris Miley from Skins

Chris, one of the original Skins members from series 1, and a most beloved character due to his wit and warmth, died of a massive brain hemorrage, not long after his brother had died in simiar circumstances. Our hearts were in our mouths when Cassie found him.

7. Gandalf from Lord of the Rings

Look, everyone loves Sir Ian McKellen. Nobody is gonna be happy to watch him fall into a great big dirty hole, with no way of climbing out. Even if technically Gandalf doesn't die, he still falls down the hole, and it is still very upsetting, ok?

8. Lee Scorseby from The Subtle Knife

When skilled balloonist Lee Scorseby dies protecting Grumman, the moment he speaks to his weeping daemon is touching as anything. Oh god, I think there's something in my eye...

9. John Coffey from The Green Mile

One of the most visceral, affecting on-screen deaths ever, John Coffey being walked to the electric chair has stayed in all of our minds. Especially when he asks not to be hooded as he is "afraid of the dark". WEPT. SO. MUCH.

10. Marley from Marley and Me

Was there anybody who wasn't affected by Marley's death? No, no there wasn't. Not if they were human.

11. Ellie from Up

Ellie and Carl spent their whole lives together, so naturally her death at the beginning of the film is devastating for Carl. But before she passes away she gives him her Adventure Book, which inspires his adventures throughout the film and his new path in life. Things get better, guys.

12. Boromir from Lord of The Rings

One of the best kind of fictional deaths (if best is the right word), is the death that also offers some kind of redemption. After Boromir had got a little too friendly with the One Ring, he realised the errors of his ways, and valiantly helped save Merry and Pippin when they were attacked by orcs. Unfortunately, he got a whole bunch of arrows in his chest for his troubles, and died in Aragon's arms. We'd quite like to be in Aragorn's arms, tbh.

13. Bambi's mum from Bambi

When Bambi's dad tells Bambi "your mother can't be with you anymore", it dawns on Bambi that his ma is gone for good, shot by the hunters, and he will have to fend for himself from then on. Such tragedy.

14. Dumbledore from Harry Potter

There was absolute fevered speculation before the release date of the The Deathly Hallows as to whether Dumbledore would be killed off. And thanks to a gnarly battle on top of the Astronomy Tower, being disarmed by Draco Malfoy (brat), he was murdered by Snape.

15. Marissa Cooper from The OC

At the end of the third (and worst) series of The OC, Marissa dies in a car crash and a ball of flame. Ryan carrying her limp in his arms - mirroring season 1 - as Imogen Heap's cover of Hallelujah played, touched all of us long time fans.

16. Cinna from The Hunger Games

The well loved stylist meets a grisly end in Catching Fire. I can't imagine being whacked about the head with spiked gloves is very pleasant. The worst was that Katniss was forced to watch, separated by a glass tube.

17. Betty from Coronation Street

No more hot pots. :-( Betty was one of the legends of Coronation Street, having been on the show for over 40 years. The reason her death was so poignant is because it was actually written into the script after the actress who played her - Betty Driver - died at the age of 92. Her picture hangs in the Rovers Return.

18. Dana from The L Word

When Dana died in season 3 of the L Word it was a big shock. One of the lead characters and a fan favourite, tennis player Dana was diagnosed with cancer. Her illness brought her and Alice back together, which made her death all the more poignant. The death scene with Alice dropping the sunflower toy in the hospital is one of the most well known, wrought death scenes on TV.

19. Shmuel and Bruno from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The tale of Bruno, the son of a Nazi concentration camp guard and Jewish inmate Shmuel, who both end up in the gas chamber, is heart-wrenchingly sad. People left the cinema on a sea of tears.

20. This

Bye bye Cow :-(

21. Hazel from Watership Down

When the death rabbit comes to tell Hazel it is his time to go and he lays down to die, releasing his spirit, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

22. The Red Wedding, Game of Thrones