20 people who should have checked their background

Oops, forgot I had that massive vibrator there...


Selfies, family portraits, international news reports, holiday snaps, couples shoots - these can be all ruined by simple negligence. If you don't check your background, you may just get your stash of Super XL tampons in the shot, or your vibrator or your friend having a poo or your dad in his boxers.


Scroll down for 20 people who should have done a double take of their surroundings before they snapped away, because no one wants to see two kangaroos getting it on. Not even Paris Hilton.

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OMFG we look so bad-ass. Wait, what is Ricky doing?

Woops, forgot about that bad boy

Cleavage twin!

Itchy rower

That awkward moment you're questioned about the Boston bombing, and you forget about that pink dildo you have

That awkward moment you don't see the sexual deviant behind you

Mum, what does OMG-WTF-STFU mean?

Planking priest

Paris Hilton gets kangaroos going

Nice biceps Brad but eh...what's that in the background?

Didn't see the cow having a wee

Didn't see the woman having a wee

Prom pic!

Didn't know your mum took your Plenty of Fish profile pic

Worst hostess ever. Friend forced to chow down on three- day-old hot dog

Spot the psychotic ginger kid

There's a creeper on the beach

This would have made the perfect family Christmas portrait butt...


Finally, go to 0.21 for an EPIC exercise video fail. Smell ya later