19 things that make you uniquely British

Because tea is a serious business and David Attenborough is just awesome.


Brits are very, well, British. We are proud of being British, we are ashamed of being British, we see ourselves as being a powerful nation and always moan about how powerless we now are. Sometimes we love being British, sometimes we hate it.

Essentially we are full of contradictions.

It may be a vast generalisation but we're all very similar. We have our differences but when it comes to down to it we all share a common set of eccentricities and traits.

Buzzfeed took to the /britishproblems sub-reddit and hand-picked the best of what makes us British. Which, despite being Americans, they nailed.

So here they are. 19 things that make you uniquely British.

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1. You like your tea one way and only one way.

2. You take queueing and queue-jumping very seriously.

3. Everything you say sounds sarcastic.

4. Everything everyone else says sounds sarcastic.

5. You never want to make a fuss.

6. You can't pay proper tribute to someone without a keenly observed silence.

7. Saying 'thank you' is just a natural reaction.

8. You apologise for everything.

9. Sugar is for plebs. Even though if we're honest with ourselves it tastes much better with sugar.

10. When David Attenborough is gone the genre of nature documentaries will be gone too.

11. The phrases' with all due respect' and 'no offence but' are always lies.

12. People either love or hate Marmite. There is no in between.

13. Someone always wants the last biscuit. Don't give them the chance.

14. There's nothing worse than admitting a mistake.

15. Looking at the same thing as someone in a shop is always awkward.

16. You'd rather starve at your friends house than ask for food.

17. Despite our best attempts rounds never go smoothly.

18. Haircuts are always 'great' when the barber asks you how it went. In reality they're always terrible.