18 sexy snapchats gone horribly wrong

Badly drawn willies are not sexy.

Snap hero optimised compressed

Snapchat is the perfect way to send a picture of your sexy face to an admirer - and the good news it that they can't store it on their phone, which encourages some naughty antics.

1. Don't be a charmer

2. Don't pretend to be a girl

3. Seriously

4. Don't pose when you're on the toilet

5. Not even when you've added a penis

6. Don't dress up

7. Don't use your pets

8. Don't pretend to be on a hot date

9. Don't forget the creepy man in the background

10. Don't spend too long on your masterpiece

11. Don't forget your angles

12. Don't be too blunt

13. Don't turn a phone into a penis

14. Don't forget your little sister in the back-seat

15. Or your creepy friend

16. Or you other creepy friend

17. Don't let your mum ruin the shot

18. And finally - don't boast