15 genius inventions you didn't realise you needed

They're here to make your life that little bit easier.


21st century life is easy. You may think you have it hard but you don't. You may think that getting up in the morning and having to wait for your butter to melt a bit is almost as unbearable as having to go to war or living through the Black Death. It probably isn't.

But never fear because some utter genius has invented a knife that melts your butter ever so slightly on the spot. So that's it. I technically think there may well be no problems left in the world.

What? You want a visual representation of how warm your shower is? You need a combined chair and step-ladder in order to furnish your new room economically? You can't plug your microwave into your laptop? Well today is your lucky day.

The answers to all of these problems and more are here. Thank god for that.

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1. An electric heated knife.

2. A magnetic cake shaper.

3. A shower head that shows you how hot the water is.

4. A peeler that collects your peels.

5. An ice cube tray with dispenser buttons.

6. An umbrella which folds down into a stick.

7. A chair and a step-ladder in one.

8. A jug which knows how much water it contains in cup form.

9. A USB microwave.

10. The fold-a-que.

11. The wall-integrated multi-plug.

12. The always horizontal cereal bowl.

13. This:

14. Ice straws.

15. A hairbrush where it's easy to remove your hair.