12 things you can do for £5

Because summer's gone and with it, ALL OF YOUR MONEY.

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Ok, so you're absolutely skint, but there's a glimmer of hope. Like Charlie glimpsing that glint of Golden Ticket, you spy the green of a fiver tucked down the arm of your couch / at the back of the washing machine / poking out of a pocket.

So...whaddya gonna do with it? What can you do with it? Here are 12 things you can do with a fiver, from entertaining yourself and having a good time, to selflessly making the world a better place (really)...

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Have a movie night

Get your mates round and have a film night for just a fiver! You can rent films online to stream or download from places like iTunes or BlinkBox for as little as 99p (iTunes film of the week is 99p). BlinkBox offer brand new films for £3.49 with older films between 99p - £2.49.

Leaving two or three quid for a bottle of Coke and a bag of popcorn!

Or, if you can afford an extra 99p, you can join LoveFilm rental service for £5.99 a month.

Cost: Rental for £1-£3. The rest goes on snacks.

Go to the theatre

The National Theatre's Entry Pass scheme is awesome. It is a free membership scheme which offers £5 theatre tickets for some of the best productions in the country, as long as you're aged between 16-25.

That means you could be seeing shows that would usually cost £50 for a tenth of their price. Awesome.

Cost: Free for membership, £5 for tickets.

Go and see some amazing architecture

Open House London is an event which allows you to snoop around some of the country's most famous and stunning buildings - buildings you wouldn't usually have access to - for free! The event happens annually, and is in other cities (like Dublin), not just in London.

The event is THIS WEEKEND (21-23 September) and this year you can snoop around 10 Downing Street. Battersea Power Station, Channel 4 TV studios and plenty of other places. Some locations are bookable but others are on a first come, first served basis. We are definitely going to do this!

Cost: FREE!

Get a slap-up breakfast

Whichever uni you go to and wherever you live, it should be guaranteed that there will be an awesome greasy spoon nearby that serves an amazing English breakfast for you and your buddies when you are hungover. Hash browns, bacon, eggs...the works. The best all day breakfast should come in at no more than a fiver. If you go to a posh cafe and they charge you £9 for an English breakfast, you can guarantee it will be rubbish.

Check opening-hours.co.uk to find out where and when your nearest caff is open.

Cost: Do not pay over a fiver. We say £4.95 is optimum price.

Buy a (bit of a) new outfit

Everything on this website is £5. That's why it's, um, called everything5pounds.com . So if you find a scrunched up fiver in your jeans pocket after a night out, you could do worse than spend it on a t-shirt.


Buy Candy Crush, be entertained forever

Buy Candy Crush for free, and be entertained far more than if you had spent £80 on a night out. Moving up levels costs 69p per time, but nothing more than a fiver.

COST: FREE! With 69p add-ons.

Go to an awesome gig

Plenty of bars and clubs have nights on for a fiver. Some are really good and will have a whole bill of bands on, which is pretty great for a fiver entry. Get to know the right venues where the quality of the night is always good.

Last week Student Beans peeps Hannah and Maggy went to see an awesome band, Mausi, play for a fiver.

Why not check out The Computers playing at KOKO in Camden, for a fiver this Friday?

Cost: £5 in.

Buy shares in a farmyard

You could literally help change somebody's life for a fiver. If you buy a share in a farmyard from Oxfam, you will help provide chickens, cows and sheep for a farm in a developing nation (for example, rural Tanzania). Pretty awesome to think your fiver has helped feed a family and/or provide them with a source of income.

Cost: Five pounds. Feel good factor is worth a million dollars though!

Go on holiday!

Ok, so obviously your holiday will cost more than a fiver, but RyanAir and other budget airlines often run promotional offers on flights, with some costing as little as £1 or fiver. RyanAir once offered 1 million flights for £1, with tax INCLUDED, so they genuinely did just cost £1, however you then had to pay baggage charges. Visit budget airlines regularly to spot the deals.

Cost: £1 to £5 Keep your eyes peeled!

Have a game of footy

It's September, the weather is turning, but just before it does, grab your mates and get out into the park for a kickabout before it gets too freezing. All you need is a park and a £2.95 football from Tesco and you're good to go. (This does not include the cost of the jumpers you use as goal posts).

Cost: £2.95 for the football. Scoring a 20 yard screamer? Priceless.

Have an awesome fashion shoot with friends!

This is a helluva lot of fun. Pick up a disposable camera in a newsagents or a general store (around £3), or in a pound shop where they usually have them (for, er, a pound), and take your friends out, on an impromptu fashion show! Then once you've got a film full of amazing shots, take advantage of deals and offers to get your prints for free or super cheap!


Cost: Pick up a camera for a quid. And check out Student Beans and Snapfish for 50 FREE print offers !

Design your own t-shirt

You've got no money so you can't afford to go out for the weekend, and you have no clothes, but you can't afford to buy any. So the perfect solution? Why not create your own and kill two birds with one stone? That's right, pick up a plain white tee from a high store store for around £2 (somewhere like Primark or H&M), and then buy some dye or a transfer.

Et voila, the first piece of your own fashion label for less than a fiver! Personally we like the tie-dye options (learn how to make them here ). Tesco offer a way to put your own images onto t-shirts for just £3.50.

Cost: T-shirt for a couple of quid (or use an old one), dye and other things with the change!

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