10 GENIUS ways to use an ice cube tray

Jelly shots, sushi and spunk. Not all together! (unless you're into that kind of thing...)

Genius ice cube tray feature.png

Who'da thunk it: you can actually use ice cube trays for more than just ice cubes!

From saving leftover stock to continuing your family name, an ice cube tray can solve all sorts of problems - not to mention supply you with some delicious snacks to get you through the heatwave.

Scroll down for super easy recipes. You'll never look at your ice cube tray the same way again!

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1. Make your own chocolates

You can get really creative here, using fruit, peanut butter or even some nuts. Our favourite is this strawberry and chocolate mixture. All you need is a strawberry for each ice cube section and about 200g of chocolate.

Wash the strawberries, cut off the stalks and place one in each of the ice cube sections. Melt the chocolate and pour over the ice cube tray until it's full to the brim. Pop into the fridge and wait as patiently as you can before you eat them all in one go!

2. Ice lollies

Take yourself back to your childhood and whip up some mini ice-lollies. You can use fruit juice or squash or even get a bit creative and try different layers like a rainbow lolly! Stick in a straw or lolly stick, pop them in the freezer and whip them out at the end of a BBQ or when the summer heat gets too much.

3. Trick ice cubes

Not just for Halloween! Play a cheeky prank on your friends by putting a plastic spider, fake eyeball or WORSE in their drink. Just choose your victim wisely!

4. Sushi

Got someone to impress? A fancy date coming up? Don't tackle dried seaweed or rice paper, just pop your rice, salmon, crab or whatever other seafood bits you fancy into the ice cube sections and leave the sushi to set.

You'll look like a sushi maestro and no one will be the wiser. Unless they've read this article...

5. Spruce up your cocktails

Re-vamp your mojito by making some minty ice-cubes. Get a couple of mint leaves, fill up the tray with water and pop them in your mojito. You could also do it with strawberries, melon or raspberries.

6. Stock

Perhaps not as exciting as cocktails but a perfect way to save stock for the next time you whip up a storm in the kitchen. This also saves you from measuring out portions when you're cooking. Watch out Nigella!

7. Iced coffee

Forget Starbucks! Pour some hot (but not BOILING!) coffee into the tray, pop in the freezer and add to an iced coffee drink or a cool glass of milk when you're looking for some summertime refreshment. No more watery iced coffee! Hurrah!

8. Jelly Shots

Liven up a summer BBQ by making a batch of these boozy jellies! Mix together the jelly, boiling water and the alcohol of your choice, pop in the fridge and serve to get the party started (and when everyone's lined their stomachs!) LMFAO and Lil' John would be proud!

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9. Make your own fudge

Unleash your inner domestic god/godess and treat yourself to some delicious fudge. All you need is sugar, milk and butter. Heat them all together, pour into the ice cube tray and leave them to set in room temperature (they'll be too hard in the fridge!). Stand back, admire your work then try not to eat them all at once.

10. Preserve your family name (JP style...)

Struck down by an illness? Scared for your life? Don't let your family name die with you - take the Fresh Meat route! While we can't guarantee that freezing your love juice will help create new life, it's always worth a try. If it's good enough for JP, it's good enough for you. Right?

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