9 internet orders that didn't give a toss about measurements

What is this, a bed for ants?

Ebay feat

When you purchase an item on eBay or Amazon, you experience one of two outcomes; post-bargain amazement, or post-purchase feelings of violation and deceit.

There are many ways in which a purchase can disappoint you; it might be low-quality, not work properly, or be a different colour from the one you expected.

But what's truly endemic to internet shopping is the frequent occurrence of items being alarmingly smaller or bigger than expected.

Always read the small print, folks.

  1. 1 This noble crown

    Um, China - There's a difference between nine inches in diameter and nine centimeters in diameter. Thanks a lot. #wastedmoney #ebayfail

    A photo posted by Hollie Black Ramsey (@holliebohemianmama) on

    Somewhere, a three-year-old girl is using a bigger crown as a hula hoop.

  2. 2 These mighty plant pots

    The hydrangeas suffered the same cramped accommodation as the modern millennial.

  3. 3 This sexy discreet thong

    Like magic, your arse goes from being a cheeky gift to a three-weeks-late Hermes delivery.

  4. 4 This majestic sunflower

    Someone put it out of its misery.

  5. 5 This lovely crocheted top
    cat in top too small
    Source: Amazon

    To be fair, the cat does look fabulous.

  6. 6 These luxurious cushions

    When a friend comes over and sits on your sofa, ask them if they'd like a cushion. Look them dead in the eye and offer them these.

  7. 7 This long read

    Next time I order a book online I'll read the fine print.

    A photo posted by Knee (@kneekapz) on

    Save the trees and all that.

  8. 8 This perfect fancy dress prop

    Plot twist: the Tardis was normal-sized and Doctor Who was really, really small.

  9. 9 This beautiful wedding dress

    eBay fail 🙈 #ew #funny #humor #fashion #meme #ebayfail #followforfollow #ootd #fail #like4like #twoie

    A photo posted by Bella Lamar (@bellamarglam) on

    Silver living: you'd look like mint ice cream. What's not to love?

    Feature image: Amazon