14 summer date ideas under £10

Proof that you can still "woo" when you're on a budget.


The sun is shining, the birds are singing and outfits are getting skimpier. Love is in the air!

However, as term is coming to an end so is your student loan and you probably won't have any money left for a quick getaway to Paris. Never fear - you don't have to spend a fortune to impress your date.

From outdoor cinemas to petting zoos - follow our tips and you'll be embarking on a summer of loving.

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1. Go to an outdoor cinema

A cheeky twist on the classic date, some places will allow you bring a blanket, picnic and a bit of vino. Check out PopUp Screens, most tickets are around 8 pounds, so you'd have to go Dutch if you want to keep it under a tenner each.

2. Swimming

Nothing like a dip in the pool for a cool summer date. A great opportunity to show off your bikini body and your best underwater handstands. Google for any lidos (open air swimming pools) or swimming ponds in your area for an extra special experience.

3. Bicycle ride

Oil up your bike chain, dust off your helmet and practice your wheelie skills (actually, unless you're 14, you can forget the last one). It's also a chance to impress your date with your Cycling Proficiency knowledge and 'no hands!' cycling style.

4. Beer festival

A great way to 'sample' lots of beers/get drunk for pretty much free! You can pretend you're a connoisseur and it basically counts as taking your date out for 'drinks'. Winner. Check the Beer Festival Calendar to find ones near you.

5. Strawberry picking

6. Feed the ducks

7. Head to an ice cream parlour

8. Have a BBQ

Grab a cheap disposable BBQ and cook up a feast! Boys, this is a chance to show off how manly you are. Man. Make. Fire!

You could even make your own kebabs with some skewers, chicken and assorted veg. Just be careful - singed eyebrows aren't a great look.

9. Roller-skating

While we might be thousands of miles from Venice beach, you can still make this a super romantic date. Just remember your helmet and elbow pads! A trip to A&E might not be the best end to the day.

10. Become a tourist in your own city

11. Go to the zoo

Who doesn't love looking at cute animals? Also a great opportunity to show off your best animal impressions. Just save the pig one until you know each other REALLY well, ok?

If you live in a big city you might find it hard to get a zoo ticker under a tenner, so you might want to think petting zoo. You won't see any lions, but you get to pet a goat!

12. Watch the sunset

Summertime is known best for its beautiful sunsets so find a romantic spot and watch the sky together - and it's completely free.

13. Mini-golf

14. Go to a market

Farmers markets are everywhere now. Not only will it give off the impression that you're a cultured soul but if you get enough free samples, it almost counts as taking your date our for lunch. If you're not too much of a disaster in the kitchen, source some ingredients and cook up a cheap feast.

Two courses for just £9.99 at TGI Fridays - sign up to studentbeans.com to get this delicious discount today