34 things EVERY 90s girl had in her bedroom

Bang On The Door bed covers, fluffy photo frames and beaded curtains. Joy!

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Curled up in your blow-up chair, reading The Illustrated Mum by the light of your lime green lava lamp, your bedroom was your haven.

Before you could even think of planning that birthday sleepover, your Cherished Teddies collection had to be complete, your Beanie Babies in height order and the latest A1 (Ben's fringe, swooooon) poster tacked firmly above your bed. Every girl's bedroom was full of this stuff in the 90's - and we won't lie, ours don't look much different now...

  1. 1 Hama beads
    perler beads

    The wait for mum to iron them was agonising.

  2. 2 Fluffy photo frames
    fluffy photo frame

    Full of pictures of your BFFs, your celebrity crush and your pets.

  3. 3 Bang On The Door window sucker things
    bang on the door window sucker toy 90s

    Collecting enough to fill every window pane in your room was a real achievement.

  4. 4 Spice Girls The Movie - in a limited edition tin
    spice girls the movie tin

    Which Spice Girl you chose said a LOT about you (it had to be Geri if you were ginger), but if you couldn't decide, the one with all 5 was cool too.

  5. 5 Dear Diary... or a diary with an actual lock and key
    dear diary
  6. 6 Impulse spray
    impulse spray 90s
  7. 7 Funky 3310 covers for every occasion
  8. 8 A beaded curtain
    beaded curtain 90s

    It drove your mum mental every time she opened your door but you refused to take it down.

  9. 9 Dance mat
    dance mat

    Anyone else stamp so hard the light fixture fell out of the ceiling in the room below?

  10. 10 The entire Jacqueline Wilson book range
    the lottie project

    The Illustrated Mum, Dustbin Baby, Tracy Beaker, Bad Girls, The Suitcase Kid, The Lottie Project... Jacqueline's latest novel was always on your birthday list - she taught you everything you know.

  11. 11 Craploads of smelly gel pens
    smelly gel pens

    Stationery was BIG business at school - so big, we wrote a whole article about it. Berol handwriting pens, Tipp-Ex mice, pen erasers and fluffy pencil toppers were essential purchases.

  12. 12 A giant bean bag/blow-up furry cube
    furry cube seat
  13. 13 A Gameboy Color
    game boy color

    You hid all the best games from your siblings...

  14. 14 Shrinkles

    Did anyone else suffer for their art? My hand still bears a scar from taking these out of the oven...

  15. 15 And the latest pencil case
    disney pencil case
  16. 16 A poster of Ben from A1
    ben adams

    That fringe gap, though.

  17. 17 A lava lamp
    lava lamps

    You loved yours unconditionally. Until you stayed at a friend's and saw their GLITTERY ONE.

  18. 18 At least five Polly Pocket sets
    polly pocket set
  19. 19 Cherished Teddies lining your bookshelf
    cherished teddies
  20. 20 A rainbow slinky
    rainbow slinky

    Shout out to the pal who came round for tea, threw it down the stairs, broke it forever and terminated your friendship.

  21. 21 Dream Phone
    dream phone game 90s kid

    Best. Game. Ever.

  22. 22 A blow-up chair
    blow up chair 90s

    So your pals had somewhere to sit when they came to hang out.

  23. 23 Fibre optic lamps were the height of sophistication
  24. 24 A blow-up backpack
    blow up backpack
  25. 25 A jewellery tree covered in plastic chokers, shell necklaces you bought on holiday and hair cubes from Claire's
    jewellery tree
  26. 26 A TV and video player
    sister sister

    Every Christmas, you begged for a TV in your room to allow optimal Rugrats, Sister Sister, Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina The Teenage Witch viewing time.

  27. 27 Sea monkeys
    sea monkeys

    Watching them grow was the most exciting thing ever, until your little brother knocked them off the windowsill. Your babies!

  28. 28 A pile of Mizz magazines

    Girl Talk, Sugar, Bliss and Shout were other top choices for quizzes, real life stories, embarrassing confessions and pics of dreamy boys - Peter Andre, sigh.

  29. 29 And a secret stash of Just-17 and More! mags bequeathed to you by an older cousin
    more! magazine 1990s
  30. 30 At least one wall covered in pages ripped from a mixture of the above
    teenage poster wall

    A healthy mix of dolphins, topless film stars and the Olsen twins.

  31. 31 Pink fairy lights
    pink heart fairy lights
  32. 32 A CD rack holding every 5ive, B*Witched, Avril Lavigne and Now That's What I Call Music album
    now that's what I call music 44

    This 1999 release featured Britney's Baby One More Time, Shania Twain's classic That Don't Impress Me Much, Lou Bega's Mambo No.5, Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65 AND She's The One by the master who is Robbie Williams. Oh, and future love rat Ronan Keating's When You Say Nothing At All. Clearly a great year for music.

  33. 33 A squishy notebook key chain
    hello kitty notebook key chain

    You could spend hours squeezing the tiny stars and bubbles all around (until it burst).

  34. 34 Glow in the dark stars
    glow in the dark stars 90s

    Be honest, you wouldn't mind decking out your uni room with these now. You can get a whole constellation on eBay for £3.99 - treat yo'self to some bedtime nostalgia!