The definitive ranking of all the Chuckle Brothers

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The chuckle brothers

These days, people know the Chuckle Brothers for making songs with Tinchy Stryder, turning up at student clubs, and taking literally billions of Twitter selfies. They're experiencing a bit of a renaissance because of their relentless touring and social media presence.

But we remember them from back in the halcyon days; when they were the zaniest, funniest men on television, the faces of Chucklevision in the 1990s.

"To you" and "Oh dear, oh dear" are without a doubt two of the greatest catchphrases to have emerged from that era of children's TV, and we know whom we have to thank for them: the Chuckle family.

But which of all the Chuckle Brothers was the best, and which was the worst?

Some people might like Paul Chuckle best; solid Paul Chuckle, with his gappy teeth and his hair like a hedgehog's balls. But some people might prefer Barry, who looks like an exhausted shaving brush. Like an alcoholic walnut. Like a pork scratching on holiday. Like a big toe with a moustache.

This wasn't going to be an easy job, so I set aside a whole day to really get to the bottom of it.

  1. 2 Paul Chuckle