Is this is a dog's ear or a girl's hair?

Only 98% of people get it right.

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Every so often a question comes along that plagues the universe. "Is the dress blue or white?", "Which nail polish matches the shoe?", "What is the cool way to tie my laces?"

Today, the web is going wild over a one such answerable question. It's the biggest thing to hit the internet in the last four minutes, a question that only 2% of people can answer incorrectly. Sources close to me (that definitely aren't me) are calling it "the new hot dog or legs".

Are you ready? Can you figure it out? Is this a dog's ear, or a girl's hair?

Is this a dog's ear, or is it a girl's hair?

Are you surprised? I wasn't, because I made the image.

Is this an auditory organ, or some sexy lady hair?

You better be really shocked by this one! Unless you have better things to do, of course.

Is this a bitch?

They don't yet do dog-to-human hair transplants. I checked.

Is this a canine's curls, or a woman's whirls?

It's a woman, isn't it. About time too.

Is it a dog, or is it a lady being insultingly compared to a dog?

It's a dog's ear. Not a girl's hair.

Is it a lady, or is it a tramp?

I could hardly believe this one! I'm over it now, though.

Is it a dog, or is it not a dog?

Not a dog! What a relief!

Shaggy mutt or lady's cut?

You'd have to be BARKING to get this one right.

Is it a lady's hair? Is it a dog's ear? Or is it both?

Of course it's not both, don't be an idiot.