Into The Wireless: Ditching regular earphones for Bluetooth

Reviewing Sudio Vasa BLÅ wireless headphones.


Review: Sudio Vasa BLÅ - £69


• Great battery life
• Decent sound, strong bass
• Comfortable in-ear fit


•Bit pricey for most people
•Tendency to jangle around while walking

Source: Sudio

We hate wires, we humans. We want to eliminate them from our society; perhaps it’s telling that we are the generation trying to eliminate all physical contact from our lives. But why not? Wires are an ugly, unruly pain in the bum, like a naked mole rat in the seat of your trousers.

The crusade to go wireless hasn’t been totally successful; there has yet to be a single recorded instance of a wireless printer working at all. So it was with some trepidation that I ditched my (apparently) old-fashioned earbuds in favour of a brand new set of Bluetooth wireless headphones.

The headphones were made by Swedish company Sudio, and cost £69. There are cheaper Bluetooth headphones on the market, but the average price seems to be around the £50 mark anyway. If you want quality, you have to pay for it, but does the Vasa BLÅ justify the price tag? And even if they do, do you really need a pair of wireless headphones in the first place?

First impressions

Source: Rich Cooper

It is surprisingly liberating, ditching wired headphones. I am forever catching my headphone cable on door handles, jacket buttons and passing strangers, and it felt great to free my neck from the tyrannical rule of my front trouser pocket. If owls used headphones (and who’s to say they don’t?), this would be a dream come true for them - 360° of movement without the 0-100 fury that accidentally yanking your headphones out can induce.

As a first experience of Bluetooth headphones, the Sudio Vasa BLÅ was as good an entry as any; probably better. Sudio claim that the Vasa BLÅ provides eight hours of listening time. I listen to music or podcasts almost every time I have to travel anywhere, and haven’t had to charge the headphones once in the last ten days, so moderate users should have little to complain about.

Everyday listening

Source: Rich Cooper

I was expecting some Bluetooth faffery in trying to connect the Vasa BLÅ to my phone (OnePlus X) and there was a little initially, but nothing murderously infuriating. Generally there were no connectivity problems at all; every time I wanted to listen to something, I could listen to something. Occasionally the Bluetooth would turn off of its own accord, which was deeply irritating, however I’m more inclined to blame that on my fault-riddled phone than the Vasa BLÅ.

When it comes to sound quality, earbuds are not generally held in high regard, with audiophiles opting for overear headphones. That said, most people just want something that doesn’t sound like total garbage. I am happy to confirm that the Vasa BLÅ does not sound like total garbage, or anything even close to garbage; they’re pretty darn good, especially if you like bassy hip-hop.

Jump around

Source: Rich Cooper

The only major issue with these headphones is that they like to jangle around a lot. The battery pack in particular seems to bounce about a fair bit as you walk, which did rather get on my wick. They never jangled so much as to free themselves from my ear though, so it's just a case of whether you want to bother getting used to that.

Joggers may find it a bigger irritation, but the closest I got was a brisk walk when I was late for work, so I'm not really fit to comment. I'm not really fit at all, to be honest. If you are looking for wireless headphones to do exercise with, you may be better off going with a pair of sturdy over-ear headphones, as the constant bouncing may be too distracting to be worthwhile.

Money well spent?

Source: Rich Cooper

Bluetooth headphones feel like too much of a luxury to be totally worth it at this stage; normal headphones aren’t such a nuisance that you need to spend £70 to be rid of those infernal wires.

But if you’re in the market for a good pair of decent earphones and you want to go wireless, you could do a lot worse than the Sudio Vasa BLÅ.

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