33 quick storage hacks that will help you organise your life

Get your life together.

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Life can be messy, we get it. Especially since we tend to accumulate more and more stuff in our homes as we grow up.

Luckily, the internet is filled with clever storage hacks and we managed to collect a nice list of the best tips on how to get your life together. You're welcome.

  1. 1 Keep your collection of (sun)glasses intact on a hanger
    Source: loveumadly.com
  2. 2 Colour-code your keys with nail polish
    Source: savvysugar.com
  3. 3 Keep your cords untangled by reclaiming empty loo rolls
    Source: ourthriftyideas.com
  4. 4 Or use them to organise your pens
    Source: auntpeaches.com
  5. 5 Create extra shelving where there isn't any
    Source: organizingmadefun.blogspot.com
  6. 6 Use a magnet to make sure your tweezers never go missing again
    Source: realsimple.com
  7. 7 Use metal baskets to store books in style
    Source: editorialtamarisco.com
  8. 8 Bamboo sticks provide a safe home for all your sharp knives
    Source: feliciakramer.blogspot.ca
  9. 9 Egg cartons will help you keep your jewellery in order
    Source: zerilaslife.blogspot.com
  10. 10 Keep your cables nice and tidy with the help of clamps
    Source: amilyhandyman.com
  11. 11 Magazine holders make for perfect kitchen supplies storage
    Source: chicaandjo.com
  12. 12 Manage your cleaning products with shoe organisers
    Source: deethecreativemom.blogspot.com
  13. 13 Or add a rod under the sink
    Source: savvysugar.com
  14. 14 Use labels to keep track of your cables
    Source: thephotographerslife.com
  15. 15 Never lose your keys again
    Source: trusper.com
  16. 16 Repurpose wet wipe containers to store plastic grocery bags
    Source: listotic.com
  17. 17 Use a kitchen rack to store your clutches
    Source: fabulousfashions4sensiblestyle.blogspot.com
  18. 18 Tame your pile of hair ties with a use of a carabiner
    Source: hippie-hugger.blogspot.com
  19. 19 Create a ribbon dispenser by using a wooden rod and a storage box with holes
    Source: spunkyjunky.blogspot.com
  20. 20 Organise your shoe collection by making use of crown moulding (that decoration thing you put where ceiling meets wall)
  21. 21 Make use of every corner of your flat by mounting a pipe
    Source: mintlovesocialclub.com
  22. 22 Keep your power strips off the floor and out of view
    Source: homedesign.marthastewart.com
  23. 23 Use old shutters to store your mail
    Source: Pinterest
  24. 24 Be in control of your wrapping paper situation
    Source: lovelyish.com
  25. 25 Hang your suitcases and backpacks on the wall instead of putting them at the bottom of your wardrobe
    Source: indecentorder.com
  26. 26 Hanging clips will help you save shelf space, keeping your food fresh at the same time
    Source: rubbermaid.com
  27. 27 No shelves in the shower? No problem
    Source: muji.net
  28. 28 Make sure you know where your remote is by attaching a velcro strip to it
    Source: homeanddecor.com.sg
  29. 29 Keep track of your bobby pins by recycling an old Tic Tac box
    Source: Pinterest
  30. 30 Desk organisers work well as fridge organisers too
    Source: creativemamaonadime.com
  31. 31 Mount towel racks to cupboard doors to get amazing lid storage
    Source: marthastewart.com
  32. 32 Old VHS boxes make for a nice picture frame and a secret compartment
    Source: welke.nl
  33. 33 Use mason jars as extra bathroom storage
    Source: bhg.com

    Feature image © Pinterest / homeanddecor.com.sg