27 most utterly British things that have ever happened

Remember the baked Alaska kerfuffle?

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A lot of great things happen in this country. After all, we're not Alright Britain. We're Great Britain.

  1. 1 This meteorological irony that was certainly not lost on us
    Source: tumblr.com
  2. 2 This top-notch piece of marketing
    Source: thepunningman.tumblr.com
  3. 3 As well as this local tragedy
    Source: imgur.com
  4. 4 This unintentionally racist B&Q display
  5. 5 And this important question asked during the Paralympics broadcast
    Source: reddit.com
  6. 6 This dangerous homemade bomb
  7. 7 And this knitted Boris Johnson
    Source: londonist.com
  8. 8 This misfortune no one expected
  9. 9 As well as this pro skater, probably on her way to Tesco
    Source: imgur.com
  10. 10 This TfL announcement
    Source: standard.co.uk
  11. 11 And this Grand National visitor
  12. 12 This example of prime Welsh banter
  13. 13 This super-queue during a tube strike
    Source: reddit.com
  14. 14 This irony that had many laughing through tears
    Source: Metro.co.uk
  15. 15 This very British act of anarchy
    Source: dgobsrunning.wordpress.com
  16. 16 The interior of this tank with tea-making facilities
    Source: imgur.com
  17. 17 This royal collision of classes on Twitter
    Source: twitter.com/alexhern
  18. 18 This extremely patriotic body hair styling technique
    Source: imgur.com
  19. 19 And this Bank Holiday barbeque
    Source: imgur.com
  20. 20 This tough decision in Boots
  21. 21 As well as this tea-making guide every Brit knows by heart
    Source: imgur.com
  22. 22 This national tragedy we'd rather not discuss
  23. 23 And this series of unfortunate events that we'd LOVE TO know more about
  24. 24 This well-travelled pet bird
  25. 25 And this biscuit addict
    Source: imgur.com
  26. 26 This no-fucks-given conversation
  27. 27 And finally, the most stereotypically British of them all, Stephen Fry walking a corgi
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