22 Waitrose Essentials items that understand the modern struggle

What is life without affordable cheese?

  1. 1 You know the old saying: "A brie a day keeps the doctor away"
  2. 2 What kind of person doesn't need a couple of cupcakes to get through the day?
  3. 3 Well we're not going to drink champers out of mugs are we?
  4. 4 You'd go crazy with just one kind of pâté
  5. 5 What would antipasti be without olives?
  6. 6 As responsible citizens, we have to tackle this chaos together
  7. 7 What, we're going to have cocktails and not garnish them?
  8. 8 Smelling of sandalwood & sea moss is one of our basic rights
  9. 9 Christmas is coming up and my toilet expects a certain standard of cleanliness
  10. 10 Saves time on deciding which cheese to buy
  11. 11 Nothing else cures the winter blues quite as effectively, if we're being honest
  12. 12 Let's face it, the British economy needs all the help it can get
  13. 13 Doing an egg wash with your hands isn't very edifying
  14. 14 Sunday dinner would be awfully dry otherwise
  15. 15 I'm sorry I don't have time to make choux pastry at home, but you're just going to have to live with that
  16. 16 We couldn't afford to get away to the continent this year
  17. 17 Waste not want not
  18. 18 A scaly kettle does not a happy household make
  19. 19 What are you supposed to do when the bowls are in the dishwasher, not have minestrone soup?
  20. 20 I have to use the cook's torch I got for my birthday at least once
  21. 21 I wouldn't want my bottom to think I'm ungrateful
  22. 22 ...just put them in the trolley

    Feature © Steve Taylor/Sophie Osborn/Gemma Thomas via Twitter