20 harsh life lessons everyone should learn in their 20s

A comprehensive list.


Your 20s are a curious time. On the one hand, you're no longer a kid - you've got stuff like bills, rent and booze to pay for.

But on the other hand, you're a tiny defenceless kitten in the world of real adulthood, and you've still got a whole lot to learn.

Thankfully, a bunch of people on Reddit have imparted their wisdom to us younglings.

So what is it we need to learn before 30 rolls around?

  1. 1 Only a few of your friends are true friends

    Sure, you may have a great gang of people to hang out with. But when things go down the shitter, you'll notice that a select few people are there standing by you.

    These guys are your real friends. Hold 'em close.

  2. 2 Lifestyle inflation is a bitch

    In other words, don't spend more money the moment you earn more. It's easy to do, but much harder going the other way.

  3. 3 Appreciate every day you have with your family

    They won't be around forever.

  4. 4 Take up exercise now

    And perhaps a sport, because it's way harder to get into when you're older.

  5. 5 You are not invincible

    When you're young it's easy to feel that nothing will stop you.

    But it will. Don't drive like an idiot, and quit risking your physical safety.

  6. 6 Do stuff that makes you happy

    Rather than stuff that makes you look cool.

  7. 7 Go to the dentist

    Teeth don't heal, and once you've fucked them up, you've fucked them up.

  8. 8 Don't lend anyone money

    Or only lend what you're prepared to lose.

  9. 9 Pride does nothing

    If you don't say good morning to your boss because you think they're a dick, you're not doing yourself any favours.

  10. 10 It's okay to ask for help

    Don't try to man or woman up to get through it. It's a waste of your time to suffer needlessly.

  11. 11 Friends come and go

    And how you define what makes a friend will change.

  12. 12 Debts and weight...

    ...They're easy to gain, and hard to lose.

  13. 13 Save some money

    Even if you just put £5 into a bank account a month, £60 could get you out of a sticky situation in a year.

  14. 14 Not all family are blood relations

    Family is what you define it to be.

  15. 15 Don't prioritise someone if you're their backup plan

    If only one person is making all the effort in a friendship, it's probably not as good a friendship as you thought it was.

  16. 16 Owning things won't make you happy

    That £40 cardboard cutout of Jeremy Kyle may make you chuckle, but do you want it? Really?

  17. 17 Don't whine too much to the people around you

    When you whine, you're forcing the people around you to become responsible for giving your life meaning, which isn't helpful for any of you.

    Note: this is different from asking for help, or having the occasional vent.

  18. 18 Stuff gets easier the more you do it

    Even if it doesn't feel like it at first.

  19. 19 30 will come by fast

    The day you thought "one day I'll do such and such" will become 10 years ago quickly.

  20. 20 But life doesn't end at 30

    Just in case you didn't realise.

    Feature image: Ronna's blog