18 things you know if you don't like alcohol but love to get drunk

We are an oppressed minority.

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  1. 1 Not liking alcohol puts you in an awkward position
  2. 2 You love the sensation of being drunk
  3. 3 But the actual taste?
  4. 4 You think people who like drinking vodka must have some kind of illness
  5. 5 The problem is, you know people judge you for being reeeally picky with drinks
  6. 6 So you suck it up
  7. 7 And try to find drinks you vaguely like

    (You drink about 12 gallons of Kopparberg every time you go out.)

  8. 8 Every time you tell yourself it's going to be different
  9. 9 And yet again and again you find yourself hating the taste of alcohol...
  10. 10 ...but loving the effect it has on you
  11. 11 How does it have this power?
  12. 12 You wish you didn't like getting pissed
  13. 13 But you find that with drink comes better sex...
  14. 14 And more fun...
  15. 15 And more everything
  16. 16 So alcohol wins this round
  17. 17 But pretty soon it'll start tasting nice
  18. 18 THEN there'll be absolutely no excuse. You'll have to get pissed not just some nights, but every single night

    You'll be drinking responsibly, of course. Always drink responsibly, people.