18 ridiculously cool iPhone wallpapers

Bring your background to the front.

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Sick of looking at the same old wallpaper? Need to freshen up your phone? Here: we've got a bunch of super cool iPhone wallpapers for you. Just for you. No one else may have them, and if you see anyone else with the same wallpaper as you, it is your obligation to fight them to the death.

So choose wisely.

  1. 1 This sweet-ass mountain
    Source: MrMason007
  2. 2 This Hotline Bling banger
    Source: mcakeo
  3. 3 This super fresh Wolverine background
    Source: agent3613
  4. 4 This awesome underwater scene
    Source: Dan Matutina
  5. 5 This inspirational Shia LaBeouf background
    Source: jadnyaditya


  6. 6 This simple Haunter Pokémon background
    Source: HelloWuWu
  7. 7 This rad Adventure Time sword collection
    Source: MimiLustywhip
  8. 8 A SeaRex? You know it
    Source: Rastroboy
  9. 9 This incredibly cool tilt-shift NYC skyline
    Source: Imgur
  10. 10 This spooky, atmospheric backroad
    Source: Imgur
  11. 11 This incredible pier shot
    Source: orlandobloomspretzel
  12. 12 This Disney/Star Wars mashup wallpaper
    Source: President_Waffle
  13. 13 This genuine photo from a light exhibition
    Source: elfrenchy
  14. 14 This Pizza Planet background
    Source: c0nstant
  15. 15 This moody ocean shot
    Source: Imgur
  16. 16 This epic shot of Duke Silver in action
    Source: Imgur
  17. 17 This perfect encapsulation of #sundaygoals
    Source: carsonrocks1489
  18. 18 This artsy cat design
    Source: Imgur

    We've tried to give the correct credit for each wallpaper but, as is the way with the internet, there's a chance we've got it wrong. If you created one of these wallpapers and think the credit needs adjusting, shoot us an email: hello@hexjam.com

    Feature © mcakeo / agent3613 / HelloWuWu