17 ways life sucks when you're terrible at selfies

Pout like your life depends on it.

Selfie feature

Selfies, selfies, selfies. Everywhere where we look, everyone is taking selfies. Even things that aren't selfies are selfies, like when that guy had his photo taken with the would-be EgyptAir hijacker and everyone called it a selfie when it clearly was just a normal photo. Selfies are king, basically.

So what is one to do if one lacks the skills that go into taking a [*insert fire emoji*] photo of oneself? What if we've tried all the light sources, all the angles, and every kind of filter known to man and still end up looking like an old potato? Well...life's just a little harder for us, unfortunately.

  1. 1 You have spent hundreds of hours of your life trying to take a good selfie
  2. 2 ...to the extent that your camera roll is just entirely your face
    selfie camera roll
    Source: @criselbee
  3. 3 And yet somehow, you've never mastered the art
  4. 4 Natural light makes you look like Prince Philip
    prince philip
    Source: Wikimedia Commons

    That's it, Phil. Find your light.

  5. 5 And no angle seems to work for you
    cat selfie
    Source: Twitter
  6. 6 Taking a selfie with your mates is a recipe for disaster
    david cameron selfie
    Source: Twitter

    Fucked it, Dave.

  7. 7 While your photogenic friends lap up the likes...
    kendall jenner
    Source: Kendall Jenner
  8. 8 ...your Instagram is a barren wasteland of coffee cups and landscapes
    Source: Rawbyn
  9. 9 Your Facebook profile pic has been the same thing for a long time
  10. 10 Your Tinder pics are...alternative
    tinder pics
    Source: College Envy
  11. 11 And you have really never mastered the art of the sexy pic
    sexy pic fail
    Source: Poplyft
  12. 12 None of your travel photos feature you
  13. 13 And you have never even touched a selfie stick

    If only, Obama. If only.

  14. 14 Even selfies with your pet don't work out
  15. 15 In fact, sometimes they actively object to the whole concept
  16. 16 Your quest for the perfect pic has even gotten you into some serious scrapes
  17. 17 But you will never stop trying, because you know one day, you're gonna nail it
    space selfie
    Source: NASA

    Besides, at least you know you look better in real life.

    Feature image © Imgur