17 storage hacks for messy people who can't keep their bedroom clean

Get your life together.

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Life can be messy, we get it. Especially since we tend to accumulate more and more stuff in our homes as we grow up.

Luckily, the internet is filled with clever storage hacks and we managed to collect a nice list of the best tips on how to get your life together. You're welcome, boo.

  1. 1 Let's start with the basics: boxes or baskets under the bed
    Source: architecturendesign.net
  2. 2 Or, alternatively, invest a little bit of time and money and elevate your bed altogether
    Source: woohome.com
  3. 3 Make sure you're not wasting any space, be it in the corners of your room...
    Source: lightersideofrealestate.com
  4. 4 ...or behind the door
    Source: lightersideofrealestate.com
  5. 5 Move your shelves behind the head of your bed
    Source: woohome.com
  6. 6 Hide things inside your (coffee) table
    Source: homemadehomeideas.com
  7. 7 Double your desk as a night stand
    Source: lightersideofrealestate.com
  8. 8 Make use of the walls
    Source: homemadehomeideas.com
  9. 9 Seriously, use all available vertical space
    Source: homemadehomeideas.com
  10. 10 Especially above other furniture
    Source: weburbanist.com
  11. 11 Don't forget the inner door of your wardrobe! You can arrange it like this
    Source: istinspired.com
  12. 12 Or like this
    Source: thelunabird.com
  13. 13 You can also turn it into a perfect storage place for your laundry hamper
    Source: listinspired.com
  14. 14 Speaking of closets, double the amount of hangers that go inside it
    Source: thelunabird.com
  15. 15 Organise your clutch collection with a lid rack
    Source: abulousfashions4sensiblestyle.blogspot.co.uk
  16. 16 Organise your shoes by making use of crown moulding
    Source: coisinhasstore.com.br

    Crown moulding is that decoration thing you normally put where ceiling meets wall, in case you didn't know.

  17. 17 Finally, start using this genius hack

    No more digging through piles to find that one T-shirt you're looking for.

    Feature image © thelunabird.com / istinspired.com / lightersideofrealestate.com