17 space-saving ideas when your bedroom is a box

Get your life together.


Sure, everyone would love to have big mansions and as much storage room as we wish, but the reality is much less exciting. Most of us live in tiny bedrooms with limited space.

That's why we prepared a nice list of storage hack for you. Declutter your life, be happy - or something like that. Good luck!

  1. 1 Keep your collection of (sun)glasses intact on a hanger
    Source: loveumadly.com
  2. 2 Hang these on your closet door
    Source: architectureartdesigns.com
  3. 3 Or repurpose a shoe organiser if you don't want to drill any holes
    Source: thegloss.com
  4. 4 Hang many clothes on one hanger
    Source: lifebuzz.com
    Source: thegloss.com
  5. 5 Or simply fix rails on several levels to make the most of your closet space
    Source: thegloss.com
  6. 6 You can also try using some boxes as extra drawers
    Source: thegloss.com
  7. 7 Egg cartons will help you keep your jewellery in order
    Source: zerilaslife.blogspot.com
  8. 8 Use a kitchen rack to store your clutches
    Source: fabulousfashions4sensiblestyle.blogspot.com
  9. 9 Organise your shoe collection by making use of crown moulding (that decoration thing you put where ceiling meets wall)
    Source: coisinhasstore.com.br
  10. 10 Make use of every corner of your flat by mounting a pipe
    Source: mintlovesocialclub.com
  11. 11 And use all the vertical space available too
    Source: indecentorder.com

    For example, by hanging your suitcases and backpacks on the wall instead of putting them at the bottom of your wardrobe.

  12. 12 Don't forget about the bit above the door!
    Source: lifebuzz.com
  13. 13 Make sure the sides of your furniture are also put to good use
    Source: lifehack.org
  14. 14 Put your bed on top of some cupboards or cases to increase storage room
    Source: makalepark.com
  15. 15 Or elevate your floor if you can
    Source: livingbiginatinyhouse.com
  16. 16 You can also simply buy some plastic containers and slide them under your bed
    Source: aplaceforeverything.co.uk
  17. 17 And if you're really desperate for room, think about fixing boxes to your ceiling
    Source: architecturendesign.net

    Just be careful you don't drop any of them on your head.

    Or, y'know, maybe not having enough space for your things is a sign you should get rid of some of it? No pressure tho. ;)

    Feature image © architecturendesign.net / lifehack.org