16 signs that you're the lazy one in your relationship

I'm too busy lying down to take the bins out.

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There are lots of perks to being a lazy person. You get to lie down a lot, your friends don't expect you to help them move, and you're extremely knowledgeable about every series Netflix has ever produced.

Then again, maybe you don't think of yourself as being lazy. Maybe eating cereal out of a mug because there are no clean bowls left is normal. Maybe it's just convenient for you to do your uni work in bed instead of at the library.

Of course, no matter how deluded you are, you'll find it hard to keep denying your true nature once you get into a relationship with someone who isn't lazy at all...

  1. 1 You're never the one to get out of bed and make tea
  2. 2 And you're terrible at answering the door
  3. 3 If your other half calls and your phone is in the other room?
  4. 4 You cook dinner roughly once a month

    And by "cook" we mean "put ready meal in microwave".

  5. 5 ...and then use it as leverage not to do anything else
  6. 6 When they're not home, this is what dinner looks like:
    potato chips
    Source: Wikimedia Commons

    TBH even opening the packet was a hassle.

  7. 7 If you want something, you'll wait until your other half gets up from the sofa...

    Because you sure as hell ain't moving.

  8. 8 You sort of don't know how to properly clean things
  9. 9 ...while your other half is a total pro
  10. 10 On weekends, they're like "let's go do something fun!" and you're like:
  11. 11 They seem to enjoy exercising...you don't
  12. 12 Which makes romantic breaks involving long walks a bit of a no-no
  13. 13 You are an expert at putting things off
  14. 14 While they like to get shit done straight away
  15. 15 At bedtime your other half tidies up, turns off the lights and brushes their teeth. You:
  16. 16 And then you get those rare days where you're both being lazy...

    And it's kinda the best.

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