15 things you only know if you're ferociously uncool

You might be uncool, but at least you're cool with it.

  1. 1 The only hot pants worth wearing are knickers that have just come out of the tumble dryer
  2. 2 Weekends are for binge watching TV ONLY
  3. 3 And talking to yourself in funny voices whilst your housemates are at da club
  4. 4 Drugs are for mugs
  5. 5 Friends are about quality rather than quantity
  6. 6 The only clubs worth going to are book ones
  7. 7 Getting a notification that isn't a game request is genuinely exciting
  8. 8 Staying in with food > going out with a human
  9. 9 Fantasising about arguing with people who were mean to you 10 years ago is a totally reasonable pastime
  10. 10 Fantasising about living in a cave is a totally reasonable pastime
  11. 11 Keeping up with the latest TV, movies, and books = easy. Keeping up with the latest music = WHUT
  12. 12 Sometimes, accepting you're uncool can still be hard
  13. 13 And 'confidence' is a mystical, unachievable thing
  14. 14 You can beat yourself up for days over embarrassing things you said
  15. 15 But ultimately, when all is said and done, no one can ever say you weren't just being you