13 Twitter accounts to follow if you're a budding writer

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Ask most people and they'll tell you that they're "working on a novel" or have "an idea for a screenplay". It's only the small minority that actually get their shit together and end up finishing this kind of writing project. The reason? Writing is hard. Like, really hard.

So why not let some of the experts lend a helping hand by following these Twitter accounts? You'll find competitions to enter, motivational quotes, and all kinds of inspiring words from your favourite authors.

  1. 1 Joanne Harris

    Joanne Harris is the author of the bestselling novel Chocolat. She also happens to be very good on Twitter.

    Harris commonly uses her account to tweet short stories (using the hashtag "storytime") but her best invention is her TenTweets series, which offers writing advice on various topics. What's more - she takes requests!

  2. 2 Playwriting UK

    If you're keen to get your plays produced on the stage, then you should definitely follow Playwriting UK. Peruse their Twitter account and you'll see it's almost entirely made up of retweets linking to playwriting competitions, courses, and useful resources. So basically all the playwriting opportunities you could want in one place.

  3. 3 The Paris Review

    It's worth saying that if you want to be a writer, you should read a lot. Literary magazines/sites like The Paris Review are great to follow because not only do they churn out a lot of fantastic interviews, profiles and creative writing, they also offer lots of writerly insights into the creative process.

  4. 4 Mslexia

    Mslexia is a writing magazine dedicated to women that runs fiction and poetry competitions open to female writers. Its Twitter account, however, is a great resource for both male and female writers, as it often tweets links to competitions being run by other magazines and websites.

  5. 5 Writer's Edit

    Writer's Edit is based in Sydney, Australia, and has guides, tips, competitions and inspiration for writers of all kinds. It also offers guidance on the publishing industry and what's more - it publishes its own anthologies.

  6. 6 Martha Alderson

    If you're struggling with plotting, Martha Alderson is the woman to go to. She wrote the bestselling writer's guide The Plot Whisperer and uses her Twitter account to relay useful hints, tips and facts every single day.

  7. 7 The Script Lab

    If you want to be a screenwriter but, if you aren't sure where to start, give The Script Lab a follow. They link to pieces examining and breaking down the craft of many different famous movies, and offer features and reviews of new releases and classic films.

  8. 8 The Write Life

    The Write Life is a great resource for tips on marketing, publishing, blogging and freelancing but their Twitter account also offers plenty of interesting links to creative writing guides and exercises.

  9. 9 LitReactor.com

    LitReactor.com is an online community dedicated to writers who want to hone their craft and interact with likeminded people. It offers writing workshops and online courses, but also has a magazine section which publishes lots of interesting writing themed content. Follow their Twitter account for easy access to their content.

  10. 10 BBC Writersroom

    BBC Writersroom is predominantly aimed at screenwriters and playwrights, but the Twitter account offers links to all kinds of writing resources. It also frequently advertises jobs in the TV industry, and keeps you up to date on all the latest news from the world of film, TV and theatre.

  11. 11 NY Public Library

    The New York Public Library Twitter account is a great place to go if you're seeking interesting, engaging content that looks at writing, reading, and the publishing industry. If you're lucky enough to live in New York or you're planning a visit, the NYPL Twitter will also keep you abreast of literary events going on at the library.

  12. 12 Scottish Book Trust

    Do you live in Scotland and love all things literary? Then you should definitely be following the Scottish Book Trust Twitter account. They run great competitions and courses, and post lots of info about upcoming book releases and events around the country.

  13. 13 LitRejections

    One of the most important things about pursuing writing as a career is developing a thick skin and teaching yourself not to get discouraged too easily. LitRejections is a great account to follow as it is packed with (fairly cheesy) motivational quotes that can seriously cheer you up if you're having a bad day.

    Plus they talk about the past rejections that famous, very successful authors once suffered. And if J.K. Rowling can survive being turned down on more than one occasion, you can too.

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