13 people whose shitty flats are shittier than your shitty flat

At least you still have a ceiling.

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Not fond of your mouldy shower and dirty plate castle? Thankfully, not everyone's flat is like an explosion in the Cath Kidson factory or Pinterest IRL.

There's something perversely satisfying about knowing that things could be worse. And, trust us, they really, really could.

  1. 1 Worse than your flatmate giving their bf his own key, is this surplus housemate
  2. 2 Not only does he not pay rent, he also eats your snacks
  3. 3 Or snacks on your clothing
  4. 4 But help is at hand, apparently
  5. 5 On a more positive note, this guy has a dishwasher
  6. 6 When you can't afford houseplants
  7. 7 Is it possible for your soul to go mouldy?
  8. 8 Answer: it already has.
  9. 9 Eww.
  10. 10 The slugs are getting more action this poor soul
  11. 11 Oh, and the cockroaches...
  12. 12 Would you rather: this or the dishwasher fried chicken?
  13. 13 We'll never complain about the flies in our kitchen bin ever again, promise.

    Feature image: Twitter/@BenMBallin