Nasty, funny, FREE Anti-Valentine's Day cards

From heartbreak, claustrophobic relationships, stalking and obsession - we've got a free Anti-Valentines card for it all

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For those who want to give Love a good punch in the face (and let's face it Love deserves that AND the rest, some of the time..). Or for when the sickly sweetness of Valentine's gets a just a little too much, we've created these Anti-Valentine's Day cards with the help of one of our favourite graphic designers and illustrators Stewart Armstrong (you can check out his Tumblr here).

These cards of course provide the perfect companion to our Anti Valentine's gift list:

9 incredible Anti-Valentine's Day presents

Just click on the links to open a PDF template - and you can print out all the cards for free. It's our little gift. Because we love you. Lots. And we'll always be there. Loving. Watching...

Card 1: "Breathe"

Card 3: "Hair"

Card 4: "Not me"

Card 5: "Do"

Card 6: "Thinking"

Thinking of a loved one often is understandable - sweet even. But 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Things might be getting a bit card 7...

Card 8: "Dying"

Card 9: "Fckit"

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