24 times Starbucks was too much to handle

Venti latte with a dash of WTF.

Starbucks feature2

Starbucks is the centre of many people's lives. It's where the day starts, it's where lunch happens, it's where you go to work or, more specifically, where you go to pretend you're working. There's one in every town, on every high street, there's simply no escaping the allure of that strange green lady.

Lots of people go to Starbucks, people from all walks of life. Of course you've got the standards - the frustrated writer poring over their MacBook, the gang of teenage girls all dressed the same, the lonely guy whose Tinder date didn't show up - but there are a few special cases that make life in Starbucks a little more interesting for all of us.

  1. 1 The time the barista forgot your name but remembered your facial hair
  2. 2 The time your car broke down and you had to ride your tiny horse to get some coffee
  3. 3 The time Starbucks ran out of their main product
  4. 4 The time you knew which syrup you definitely weren't getting in your latte
  5. 5 The time Abi's love for Starbucks was misinterpreted
  6. 6 The time everyone was watching you drink and you couldn't figure out why
  7. 7 The time your barista gave you a cheeky compliment
  8. 8 The time your barista was just plain cheeky
  9. 9 The time you narrowly avoided being killed in a slasher movie
  10. 10 The time Spider-Man had to think things over for a while
  11. 11 The time you were due $9,980.00 in change
  12. 12 The time the stereotype was perfectly justified
  13. 13 The time someone decided to take it one step further
  14. 14 The time someone took it one step too far
  15. 15 The time someone took it one step too far in the other direction
  16. 16 The time someone didn't give a fuck about steps and brought a FLIGHT SIMULATOR
  17. 17 The time your dick in a box needed an espresso

    Not gonna get you a diamond ring, that sorta gift don't mean anything...

  18. 18 The time your onesie was too much future fun to keep to yourself
  19. 19 The time Starbucks got as close to gangsta as head office deemed safe
  20. 20 The time you had to do a double-take because you thought your barista was half-naked
  21. 21 The time you had to do a double-take because you thought your barista was a fascist
  22. 22 The time you had to do a double-take because... wait, no that actually is a parrot
  23. 23 The time Starbucks was just being honest
  24. 24 The time Starbucks was being a little too honest