The 11 most awesome bagels of all time

Bondage bagel, anyone?


Remember when you thought bagels were just bread rolls with a hole in? How foolish you were.

  1. 1 Let's get this one out the way: rainbow bagels

    New York City may be the bagel capital of the world but if your find yourself with a craving for multi-coloured bread then you can get your fix in Selfridges or on East London's Brick Lane.

  2. 2 Pizza bagel

    The pic shown here is from a bagel shop in Manhattan but you could easily whack a bagel, some mozzarella and some tomato sauce under a grill and make this yourself.

  3. 4 The Oreo bagel: clean version

    Oreo bagel with Oreo cream cheese andddd Oreos πŸ’πŸΌ (NJ) Credit: @jillyyyx #NYC🍴

    A photo posted by NYC Food ( on

    This total beaut can be found at The Bagel Nook, New Jersey.


    It's art, duh. No seriously, a pop artist known on social media as kuntsdog has created a series of 'art bagels'.

  5. 6 All these arty bagels (warning: glitter ain't edible)

    Here they are.

    And you know what? That isn't even the half of it. Check out every art bagel you could possibly ever dream of here.

  6. 7 This $50 heart attack
    Source: New York Jets

    This bagel is 10 inches in diameter and was served at New York Jets American football games last year. It boasts four eggs, two and a half pounds of meat, potato hash and, of course, cheese. Not one for aspiring sports players.

  7. 8 Arty bagels you can actually eat

    Brooklyn-based Scot Rossillo creates custom bagel art for a living. Imagine being a professional bagel artist. Just imagine.

  8. 9 Purple Rain bagels
  9. 10 Bauble bagel

    Beats you mum's collection of Woolworth's tinsel.

  10. 11 Puppy bagels... Or, y'know, bagel puppies

    Yeah, we're not sure how this one sneaked in here either.

    Feature image: Twitter/ @GoBoiano