The 10 priciest countries in the world for beer

Also known as the 'where not to go on holiday' list...

The 10 most expensive countries in the world for beer

Good journalism is all about balance - which, ironically, is something that goes out of the window after a few pints...

We've already brought you the 10 cheapest countries in the world for beer - so now, just so you don't think we're being all irresponsible, we've decided to follow it up with the most expensive countries.

The 10 cheapest countries in the world for beer

There are some beautiful countries on this list, granted, but if you like a beer you'll be better off staying at home (providing endless grey skies and floods don't get you down too much).

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10.) Switzerland - £4.29

It's hardly surprising that one of the most well-known tax havens in the world features in this list - Switzerland has long been a playground for billionaire businessmen and the only place your average Bond villain would dare keep their moolah.

9.) Guadeloupe, Caribbean - £4.80

We like the word Guadeloupe... just trying saying it. Guaaadeloooupe. That was fun. Significantly more fun than a night out in this French-owned Caribbean island at least - at nearly a fiver a pop for a beer we'll just stick to tap water, thanks.

8.) France - £4.90

They may be one of our closest neighbours, but when you jump off the Eurostar on the other side you'll have to pay (on average) a whopping £2 more per beer en France than in Blighty. C'est merde!

7.) Sweden - £5.00

They may be big on flogging reasonably priced flat-pack furniture, but the Swedes clearly aren't too interested in beer. At £5 for a pint it's quite likely that Ulrika Jonsson was sober when she hooked up with Sven-Goran Eriksson?! Weird.

6.) Singapore - £5.00

Unlike most of South East Asia, Singapore is actually really expensive - especially strange when you can consider that one of the world's (and our) favourite beers, Tiger, is brewed their. And no... we didn't just drop in that we like Tiger on the off chance that they'd see it and send us a few crates to watch the football with... AHEM.

5.) United Arab Emirates - £5.02

The biggest problem when it comes to having a beer in the UAE isn't necessarily the price, but getting your hands on one! As it is a Muslim state, the sale of alcohol is restricted to upmarket restaurants (aimed at tourists) or liquor shops that are allowed to sell booze to non-Muslims who hold liquor permits. Plus it's quite pricey.

4.) Djibouti, East Africa - £5.47

Hadn't heard of Djibouti? Shame on you. We know loads, but we wouldn't want to make you feel inferior by listing all the things we know about it. That would just be embarrassing for everyone.

3.) Qatar - £6.00

Qatar is a long way away. Let's be honest, hearing that beer there costs £6 per pint wouldn't be that worrying... if it wasn't hosting the 2022 World Cup! We have a feeling there are going to be a lot of angry/poor football fans. Also, like the UAE, it's very hard to track down.

2.) Norway - £6.78

Hearing the price of a Norwegian beer is enough to make you spit it out in disgust - that's if you could afford one in the first place! There's nor-way we'd pay that much for a drink... And if you need a beer to get over that terrible joke we wouldn't blame you.

1.) Greenland - £7.35

Firstly, we had no idea there were even any people living in Greenland - secondly, we can't believe they'd stay if beer cost £7.35 per pint! To put that into perspective, you can buy 25 pints in Tajikistan (the cheapest country for beer) for the same amount as money as you'd pay for just one in Greenland. No prizes for guessing where we'd rather go.

Note: If you plan on telling us that neither Greenland or Guadeloupe are technically countries, shh. Have a beer.

The 10 cheapest countries in the world for beer